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11/4 Interview Cunda

Auf unsere YouTube Bilder von einen Interview von ein Tierfreund aus Cunda und ein ehemahliger gemeinde Arbeiter.

Das interview ist auf Turkish.

Unten die Englishe Ubersetzung.


She: You have brought 10 dogs to be neutered. I see that you are close to animals.  How come this closeness?

He: I used to work for the municipality in the past.  In 90’s.  We used to kill stray dogs with hunting rifles.  We killed the ones that didn’t eat poison. Then we started to put poison in meat and give them.

She:  Was the poison given by the municipality?

He:  Yes, it  came from  Balikesir (Another city in Turkey).  Then for those who didn’t eat poisonous meat we started using those guns which shoot needles with poison. But now things are different.

She: You have been in this  for years. For many years dogs have been killed.  Do you think the number of dogs decreased as a result of killing?

Him: No the number didn’t decrease in contrary it increased.

She: What are they doing  now ?

He: Now they are neutering.

She: Not only neutering but neuter-vaccinate- let live. What we mean by letting to live is to feed them, to take them to a vet if a car hits them. Taking care of animals runs in my family. If a dog comes to one’s door and you have it neutered and put out some food and water for her, you are not anxious any more about her breeding.

He: I heard that if an animal is neutered its life expectancy increases.

Her: Yes, it lives more and perhaps you have also noticed that it becomes calm.

He: Yes it becomes calm.

Her: They are less harmful then. People have to learn how to live with animals and the way to do it is to be closer to them. WE are trying to tell all these to people.  I think  it should have been hard for you to kill animals.

Him: It was not easy. The animal looks at your eyes after being poisoned . He looks at you as if    begging for help.  This new technology is really good. Now I have been retired and helping four woman who are taking care of animals. One of them is feeding animals in many streets every evening. At the time that she is coming, all these animals wait for her.

Her. But feeding is not enough. That is the “let live “ part. They should also be neutered. SHKD has come here for neutering from Istanbul and their sponsor is Actiezwerfhonden from Holland.  We are really grateful to them. It is a big motivation for us that they have found us from so far away and decided to support us. I am the founder and director of Ayvalik Animal Rights Organisation.

He  is refering to another animal lover Yasemin and she says that she knows her and tells the story how they rescued a horse from being butchered for meat from an illegal butcher. The man first threatened her then she went there with her brother and men from the neighborhood and had the man arrested for illegally butchering  horse.

He: Yasemin was also being sponsored by a foreign organisation

Her: Yes in the past a German organization sponsored her for the horses but then they stopped. But that is not important. What is important is to enlighten the public that killing is not a solution and neutering is very important. Neuter, vaccinate and then feed animals and if a car hits them they can come to us, if they can’t come to us, they can go to a vet and give our name and if they have some money they can pay part of the expenses.

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