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Bank: ING Bank in Amsterdam IBAN:NL62INGB 0004011891 BIC / SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A. Stichting ActieZwerfhonden Zonnemaire, Holland


4. März 2006

Heute erhielten wir den Bericht, dass im Auftrage der Direktion des Hilton Hotels im Stadtviertel Sisli alle Hunde und Katzen der Umgebung eingefangen und in das Tierheim Alibeykoy der Gemeinde gebracht wurden. Dieses ist als ein sehr schlechtes Tierheim bekannt.

Tierschützer aus Istanbul haben gegenüber der Direktion des Hilton’s ihre Empörung geäussert. Selbstverständlich haben auch wir unsere Missbilligung zum Ausdruck gebracht, fürchten aber, dass es für die betroffenen Tiere zu spät ist.


Dear Sirs,

We were informed that last week, due to your complaint, the stray cats and -dogs around your hotel were seized by Sisli Municipality and taken to Alibeykoy Shelter.

It is amazing how a worldwide rooted and esteemed hotel came to a position of struggling with poor stray animals. We are not able to understand what danger these cats or dogs present to your hotel?

The shelter where you sent the animals is a death camp.

Pictures of the shelter were send to you.

Further more we would like to bring to your attention that catching or killing the animals in the streets surrounding your hotel, won’t solve the stray problem.

As the number of strays adapts to the carrying capacity of the environment, new strays will come and live near your hotel within a couple of month.

The only structural and humane solution is Neuter and Release (catch the dogs and cats, neuter them and bring them back to the location where they were caught). This way slowly but surely the number of strays will diminish.

Instead of sending the dogs and cats to shelters where they will surely die, it would have shown more humane interest and provide more positive publicity if you started to support Neuter and Release.

As a number one hotel group you have the chance, power and financial possibilities, to join forces with other hotel groups and demand the Istanbul authorities to solve the stray problem in Istanbul in cooperation with all parties involved in tourism and animalwellfare, by implementing Neuter and Release.


Linda Taal

Stichting ActieZwerfhonden (StraydogsCampaign)

The Netherlands

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